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Vastly diverse and populated with a fascinating blend of international cultures from around the globe, the United Kingdom, situated in Western Europe, is recognized as a thriving nation that offers all the elements of balanced modern day living. Respective of Great Britain’s amazing heritage are the historical monuments and fancy buildings that rise tall in every village, town, city, and country.

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Wales is a country with distinctive traditions, heritage and culture. It is known as a land of song and a country steeped in myth and legend, which, when you see the awe-inspiring landscape, is no surprise.

With cascading waterfalls, rolling hills, dramatic mountains, hundreds of castles, rare flora and fauna and a coast path that runs along the entire coastline of the country, in Wales - beauty is everywhere. Our cities are compact and our towns bustling with community life.

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Towering mountains, glittering lochs, dense woodlands and miles upon miles of golden beaches - Scotland's landscapes and natural scenery really will take your breath away. Tour the rolling hills and lush farmland of the Lowlands, or drive through deep glens surrounded by mountains in the Highlands. Uncover magnificent coastal features in the west, and explore the atmospheric, royal settings of the east.

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Ireland is known for its wide expanses of lush, green fields. In fact, its nickname is the Emerald Isle. But there are also large areas of rugged, rocky landscape. About 15,000 years ago, Ireland was completely covered by thick glaciers. The movement of these giant sheets of ice stripped the soil, leaving huge tracts of flat, limestone pavement.

The midlands and west coast of Ireland are dotted with damp peat bogs, the soggy remains of dried-up ancient lakes left by the glaciers. Ireland's highlands rise mainly in the southwest, often ending at sheer cliffs that plunge thousands of feet into the Atlantic Ocean.

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