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All You Need to Know

Italy offers you all: spectacular natural diversity in its beaches, mountains and lakes, pleasant weather and lovely warm people, spectacular cities with stunning works of art, relics from centuries of history, but yet colourful and romantic. And last but not least: amazing food, fine wines and crazy shopping!


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Rome Trevi Fountain


ROME  The Eternal City, just as its namesake, is an endless discovery through time and space from superbly preserved ancient ruins to the latest fashion trends. Experience one of the worlds’ richest art collections as you savor renowned regional gastronomy. As you stand on century-old cobblestones let you sight soar to masterpieces of architectural modernity standing tall against the brightness of infinite horizons.

Ponte Vecchio

FLORENCE  Tuscany’s capital and unquestionably a favorite of many visitors who, after the first visit, keep coming back to visit the 'Palazzi', elegant galleries and timeless churches. Modest in size but grandiose in treasures, the city has so much to offer that time never seems enough. Its size and penchant for the esthetic make it one of the most pleasant cities to stroll through in Italy.

Milan Cathedral

MILAN  It is said that while “Rome eats, Milan works.” As one of Europe’s financial and fashion hubs, Milan is renowned for its stylish shopping district, La Scala theatre, the 18th century temple of Opera and the famous Duomo, surrounded by its elegant "Galleria", with cafés, restaurants and designer boutiques.


NAPLES Sitting along a breathtaking bay in the shadow of the revered Mount Vesuvio, this cradle of Italian traditions, gastronomy and theatre arts, is also the gateway to the romantic island of Capri, the picturesque Amalfi Coast, as well as the historical Pompeii.

Cathedral of Palermo

PALERMO  Sicily's capital city. Visiting Palermo and its rich street food traditions, the authenticity that captures your pallet is an experience not to be missed. Palermo is ranked one the best producers of street food in the world. Discovering the street food and taking in the scents, flavors and atmospheres of diverse culture and civilizations is not to be missed. Enjoy visits to the historic center, Chiesa del Gesù, Catacombs of the Capuchins, Piazza Marina and many more. For a more relaxed temptation, take a stroll on Mondello Beach and take in the colors from turquoise to emerald green waters that will stay in your memory for a life time.

St. Marks Cathedral and Square

VENICE  Finding words to adequately convey Venice’s beauty and unique charm has frustrated writers for centuries. This overwhelming, intriguing and enchanting city keeps on captivating visitors with its charming labyrinth of narrow alleys, canals and bridges, numerous campi, the typical small squares, featuring elegant old palaces.

Lake District Varenna town in Como lake district


LAKE DISTRICT  The romantic beauty of the Italian Lake District has mesmerized visitors since the time of the Roman Empire, inspiring poets, writers, and musicians with its idyllic landscape of tranquil lakes dominated by soaring granite mountains. Excellent food and wine, like in so many regions of Italy, may be enjoyed after a day on a lake steamer, exploring Lake Como, Lake Maggiore or Lake Garda. 

Tuscany Vineyards

TUSCANY  The serene Tuscan landscape is famed for its rolling green hills, lines of cypress trees and endless rows of vines producing the famous Chianti wine.  There are so many places to visit, from medieval villages built around charming little piazzas and connected via intricate webs of ageless cobblestone streets like San Gimignano, to artistic world capitals like Florence; Siena, the lovely walled town famous for its Palio; Pisa with its Leaning Tower; or Lucca the exquisitely preserved medieval town.

Umbria, Orvieto

UMBRIA  Verdant Umbria, holy Umbria, Umbria of a hundred towns, are but a few slogans that attempt to convey the essence of this lesser known, but equally enchanting, region located in the center of the Italian peninsula, Umbria is referred to as the green heart of Italy. Be sure not to miss Perugia, its main city; Gubbio and Spoleto, Umbria’s most ancient towns; Assisi, Saint Francis mystical hometown; or Orvieto, sitting on a plateau of volcanic tuff, with its astounding Duomo, surrounded by a serene landscape of fields and vineyards.

Italian Riviera Manarola Cinque Terra La Spezia

ITALIAN RIVIERA  The Italian Riviera located in the region of Liguria, stretches from Ventimiglia near the French border through Genoa, and ends just beyond Cinque Terre in the east at Portovenere. San Remo is known as the city of the flowers while Genoa is Italy’s main commercial harbor.  Hikers’ and photographer’s paradise, le Cinque Terre (Five Lands) is probably one of the region’s most known destinations. The famed hiking trail links the villages on the seaside cliffs through vineyards and olive groves. The five traditional coastal villages - Riomaggiore, Manarola , Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso- offer breathtaking sceneries and can be reached by train or boat.

Amalfi Coast


AMALFI COAST  UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Amalfi Coast is renowned for its rugged landscape, scenic beauty and picturesque towns, each with its own unique charm. Amalfi lined by small fisherman dwellings and whitewashed villas sits right on the cliff. You can enjoy its colorful small marina and lively downtown area, savor its restaurants’ delicacies and shop to your heart’s content. 

Apuglia Region

APULIA (PUGLIA) Located on Italy’s extreme southeast peninsula, the region of Apulia — increasingly the retreat of choice for many world celebrities — is much less crowded than more Northern destinations. The sunny, mild climate is ideal for grapes and olives cultivation. Discover this beautiful region with superlative cuisine and wines, incredible history and architecture, from the Greeks to the Romans, and some of the Mediterranean’s most unspoiled beaches. Bari, Ostuni, Lecce, and Alberobello are worth a trip through history and culture. Apulia is also the birthplace of some lively Italian dance traditions.

Sicily Ragusa Ibla

SICILY  Between mainland Italy and Tunisia, Sicily is Italy’s largest island. Its gorgeous beaches are just one of the island’s many riches. Sicily’s historical sites tell the tales of centuries of different civilizations and cultures. The mesmerizing sea resort town of Taormina offers breathtaking views of Mount Etna and its volcano while Imperial Palermo is built around a splendid natural harbor. Sicilian cuisine is a tantalizing display of exotic and colorful ingredients that trace back to a multitude of past invaders from the Arabian Peninsula, Greece and Austria. It is perfectly complemented by the excellent wines of the island.

Castelsardo Old Town Sardinia

SARDINIA  Unspoiled white sandy beaches, rocky creeks and pristine waters frame of treasures left from the civilizations that took turns trying to claim this elusive island. Prehistoric monuments, the Nuraghi, as well as old Roman sites, are scattered throughout the island. Sardinia truly offers a wide range of options from the luxurious coastal resorts area Costa Smeralda, frequented by European royalty and world-wide celebrities, to scenic rural landscapes and ecofriendly retreats and experiences enriched by traditional handcraft and run by the island’s wonderful people, known for their warm hospitality. Nuoro, Oristano are typical Sardinian towns while the Phoenician city of Tharros offers beautiful monuments. Cagliari is the largest city and Alghero has a strong Catalan atmosphere.

Langhe vineyards of Piedmont shutterstock_466978367 resized.jpg
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