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Image by Ricardo Resende

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The Authentic Escape

​Medieval castles, villages with cobblestone paths, captivating cities and golden sand beaches, are a few of the sceneries you’ll encounter during a visit to Portugal. Exploring Portugal is becoming a face-to-face with big mysteries from the past. fulfilled with historical sites that are scattered around the country,  carefully blended with unique cultural and ethical influences from the Moors to Germanic, Celtics to Romans.  Further absorb its history, by spending an unforgettable night in a castle and manor house with iconic views to vineyards and olive groves or appreciate the untouchable sceneries of the Portuguese historical villages. Don’t perceive Portugal as a nostalgic or ancient country. It relies on its history to reveal its essence and splendor with cosmopolitan and pleasant cities and its historical charm is combined with an avant-garde and contemporary architecture. Throughout your stay delight yourself with the Portuguese gastronomy, learning that seating down at a Portuguese table means savoring unique delicacies from the coast and countryside.  Each region has its own characteristic, each plate has its secret ingredient and each dish a specific wine to emphasize the richness of the flavors and aromas.  Just like the local gastronomy, the Portuguese wine is equally as exciting, the different soils and flatlands, well-defined seasons and aging time are factors that influence the flavor and color of the wine. Despite its small size, this country produces renowned wines capable of electrifying the calmest connoisseur. 
Strolling through the different regions of Portugal is an unforgettable yet captivating dream. To turn your dream into reality, the programs mentioned here, are only suggestions of what we can offer in each region, as well as, a few alternatives on how to connect the cities. The programs are flexible; each person can alter the dates and cities and/or regions according to their needs and wishes.

There’s a captivating, passionate and compelling Portugal, waiting to be unveiled and will certainly provide unforgettable experiences.

Lisbon old city


The Portuguese capital is bursting with history and culture, the neighborhoods are distinct with a traditional touch. Starting with, the elegant “Avenida da Liberdade”, the most glamourous quarter in the city, fulfilled with elegant boutiques and sophisticated restaurants. Close by, is one of the most ancient squares, “Rossio”, known for the street shoe shiners, historical theatres and wide variety of cafes and restaurants.  From here, stroll down to the lively “Baixa” bubbling with Portuguese handicraft stores; continue until the Commerce Square, one of Lisbon’s postcard locations. Atop of a hill, is the majestic St. George Castle with breathtaking views of the city. This unique area is built  on an ancient Arab neighborhood, with charming maze-like streets, whitewashed buildings and famous Fado houses.
The urban and cosmopolitan heart of the city can be felt in Chiado, a place where the modern and ancient are blended in perfect harmony. With a casual-chic ambient, the streets are fulfilled with stores, refined restaurants, beautiful churches and iconic cafes. Right next to Chiado is Bairro Alto, where the artistic, bohemian and alternative vibe is felt, as well as, the lively nightlife.



Portois one of the most ancient cities in the country, and has an undeniable power of transporting us to two distinct and delightful realities. Embark on a medieval quest by appreciating its majestic monuments in the historical center, ultimately gazing at the splendid architecture of unique eras like baroque, art nouveau and rococo. Hop on a tram or walk down to the riverbank quarter, experience navigating the waters of the Douro River on board of the famous “Rabelo” boats.  You’ll see the city from a different perspective whilst admiring the city’s six bridges.
We’re quickly brought back to the present, as we feel the pulsing energy of the modern Porto. Wander through the modern quarter of Boavista, admire the avant-garde building of Casa da Música, enter the unique market of Bom Sucesso, and don’t leave this quarter without seeing the Contemporary Art Museum.
However, a visit to the “Invicta” city is not complete without tasting the famous Porto wine in one of the many cellars. A truly unforgettable experience that will awaken your senses, as you enter the barrel room and breathe in the smell of French oak aging, slowly arousing your taste buds as we sip the different kinds of Port wine.

Douro Valley

The North of Portugal

The North of Portugal
is blessed with luxurious and verdant fields, natural parks surrounded by mountains, picturesque villages with stoned houses or majestic manors. The region rich heritage lies in its historical castles from different eras, churches and sanctuaries always with a unique scenario as a backdrop. Even its vineyards safeguards their essence, a combination of grapes that are only grown here with the humid climate, resulting in a variety of wines from red and white wines, to rosé and sparkling. However, this region produces a unique wine in the world, green wine, known for its freshness and distinct taste.

Its coast is filled with hidden treasures and surprises like the magnificent beaches of Espinho, or the vibrant harbor of Matosinhos, known for its delicious seafood gastronomy. For the wine lovers, its interior will lead us through breathtaking sceneries, unique vineyards and captivating villages. Here’s the birthplace of the Port wine, a hidden expertise and secular art, white and red wines from the most diverse grape varieties, sparkling wine from Varosa region and muscatel from a small village called Favaios.

Serra de Estrela = Portugal


Blessed by a lush green nature and mountainous region, peculiar villages frozen in time, breathtaking sceneries, small hamlets with white houses in between ramparts and cities, wisely preserving their history, modern traits are carefully blended with local tradition.
There are various flavors to please the palate, this region is known for the famous “leitão à bairrada”, a suckling pork that’s crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside, and soft and buttery “Serra da Estrela” cheese, not to mention their delightful conventual sweets. Due to its highland location, the vineyards are within 400 and 700 meters high. These set of mountains, also act as a barrier to protect the vineyards from the wind, creating unique conditions for the production of wine, with distinctive and well defined characteristics. The white wines are very aromatic and fruity whereas the red wines are full-bodied.

Algarve coastal line

Algarve Region

Algarve Region is composed by vivid colors from the mountain, sea and cliffs that stand out as golden highlights. A true eye drops for the eyes with iconic sceneries, endless beaches and hidden islands and lagoons. Besides, it’s blessed with a Mediterranean weather becoming a welcoming and appealing destination throughout the year.
We can say there’s an Algarve to satisfy every taste, with lively cities like Albufeira, Vilamoura, Armação de Pêra and Praia da Rocha, fulfilled with luxurious resorts, delicious restaurants and energetic nightlife. Its countryside is sprinkled with calm villages, situated in lush green sceneries that offer an unmatchable tranquility. A paradise for nature lovers forests with oak and cork trees that was once one of the main habitats of the Iberian Lynx. Not to mention, the famous thermal baths in Monchique, perfect to relax after a day walking through the Monchique Mountain.
This region is also known for its endless combinations of golf courses, situated on the seaside or inland, plain or mountainous, it’s a diverse choice. It’s not by mistake that the Algarve has won various golf awards.

Madeira - Portugal


A lost paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira Island has breathtaking sceneries, mountains with unique viewpoints, famous “levadas” trails that are sprinkled around the island. In fact, the fauna and flora of this archipelago are phenomenal, and easily carries us to an enchanted green world. Hence, unveiling one of the best kept secrets of Madeira, that’s classified as UNESCO World Heritage Site.
However, the richness of Madeira unwinds in its streets, unique monuments bubbling with heritage and distinct beauty and distinctive color scheme can be seen in the municipal market. Not to mention, its gastronomy that consists of a combination of fresh regional products and traditional traits from their ancestors resulting in an explosion of tastes in your mouth. Compliment this experience, with a glass of Madeira wine, a wine that’s produced on the island with complex aromas and a distinct taste, gaining worldwide notoriety.

Acores Islands

The Azores islands

A fascinating refuge surrounded by nine unique islands amidst of the Atlantic Ocean. Each island has its own essence and magic, certainly will conquer you with its scenic and breathtaking backdrops, from verdant settings to mesmerizing mountains with a layer of fog.  Throughout your stay in the Azores, you’ll surely appreciate the untouched beauty of Mother Nature and stunning sea views, the enchantments of these islands continue in their culture and traditions, each island is different, but they all have captivating cities - providing unique opportunity to soak up the historical heritage from the Azores Islands.
These nine jewels may have a few points in common with its gastronomy, but, the truth is each island has its own gastronomical touch. These delicious delicacies range from the famous dish called “Cozido das Furnas”, unique by the way it’s cooked, under São Miguel island soil, to the freshness of the fish stew.